How can you help?

You can help us to support the development of a vibrant arts community in Porirua by doing the following:

  • volunteer to help out or perform at an event
  • consider becoming a Porirua Community Arts committee member
  • offer your time and/or services to Porirua Community Arts (e.g. project management, fundraising etc)
  • sponsor a Porirua Community Arts initiative
  • support our local Porirua artists by attending their exhibitions and buying their work
  • support our local Porirua performers by attending their theatre, dance and musical performances
  • join one of the many active community arts and crafts groups
  • become a friend of Pataka Art+Museum and support the Pataka giftshop, Toi Store, with your custom
  • let Porirua City Council know you value the arts in Porirua and urge their support of the arts in the city’s annual and long-term plans
  • make a donation to support the work of the Porirua Community Arts

Thank you for your support of the arts in Porirua.


Porirua Community  Arts gratefully acknowledges the support of local organisations such as:

Flying Colours (printing and copying)
Friends of Pataka
Pataka Art+Museum

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